sparklystyles’ fabulous blog alphabet → A - F

well what can i say. lindsey is amazing and so is her blog, so i saw no reason not to put her in here. she’s a genuinely nice person, a photoshop-queen and basically perfect. she’s one of the best blogs in the 1D-fandom on tumblr so don’t miss out on her brilliant blog!

katelyn is amazing and though we never really met, i’d love to be friends with her. i absolutely love her one shots/fanfiction so be sure to check them out, because it’s simply stunning. also her blog is perfect -though you have to ignore the text posts, haha- so you should defenitely check her out!

yeah.. what to write about nadia. except for the fact she can be a total fag sometimes, she’s kinda amazing really. her posts always make me laugh, not to mention her horrible tags and text posts, but basically she’s just hilarious in a good way. she posts and makes a  lot of bullshit really, but her stuff sure lightens up my dash. she’s not a full-1D blog, but i’m sure you’ll appreciate her brilliant photoshop skills and mostly her tags.

i had a hard time choosing the blog for the letter D, because i follow quite a few great blogs with urls with a D, but really, i had to choose Jane. she posts a lot of beautiful 1D-edits and all the newest pictures. she has a wonderful imagination which she uses for great series like the 1D alphabet and things like that. we never really talked, but she’s a very nice person so be sure to take a look at her blog if you don’t follow her already!

so, what to write about ipek. basically, i want her photoshop skills. her edits / graphics are simply stunning and well. just everything on her blog is perfect. i never talked to her but she seems like a very nice person so you won’t regret stepping by her blog if you need new quality blogs to follow.

when thinking of a blog for the letter F, marisol’s shot right into my head. the counter on her blog says i’ve been on her blog 53 times.. hmm. basically, her blog is perfect and so are her edits. she’s also a lovely person to talk to, so drop by her ask and say hello!

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