sparklystyles’ fabulous blog alphabet → G - L

basically, this blog is perfection. her theme is just stunning, and so are her posts / graphics / anything really. wasn’t that hard to figure she was thé blog for my letter G. go check her out!

yeah. what to write about kristin. first of all, happy birthday babe. secondly, i really believe that if you’re not following her, i’m not sure you understand what the term ‘quality blog’ means, because basically kristin’s blog defines that term. everything she posts is beautiful, she’s awfully kind and gorgeous and somehow i really want to be her friend, lol. anyway, be sure to check her out because she’s perf.

i’m gonna have to watch my words here- i don’t want to offend the niam-queen in any way. she’s one of the people that got me into niam and also one of the reasons it’s my number one otp now. her graphics and themes are amazing, she’s awfully kind and basically her blog is always among the best 1D blogs around. she totally deserves all the love she gets and though we never really talked, i’d love to be friends with her. i assume you are, of course, already following her- but if you’re not, please do, for the sake of your dash!

even though she posts an awful lot of the hunger games spoilers -which annoys me because i haven’t seen the movie yet- , i would never dare to unfollow zara. she’s amazing really, always kind to people and very genuine. her blog is amazing, as are her edits, and well. what else is there to say? her blog is just pure perfection, so go check her out if you didn’t already.

without any doubt one of my favorite blogs. although i’m not really that much into btr, her 1D posts make up for it a lot. also, be sure to check out her photos in her about me-section as she’s gorgeous and hilarious.

i follow quite a lot of blogs starting with liam/louis- but there wasn’t really any doubt for me that Meagan’s blog had to be thé one. both her main and side blog are stunning, and she’s really kind. she’s a constant in my tumblr crushes and i’m just in love with everything she does / makes. her edits and posts are gorgeous, so is her theme, and well. i could go on forever, so do check her blog out if you like one direction, hehe.

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