sparklystyles’ fabulous blog alphabet → M - R

out of the huge load of blogs starting with an M that i follow, Karin’s is probably the best. first of all, her sidebar photo is to die for. but okay that’s not in order to be one of my fave blogs ahum. basically everything she posts / makes is super quality and just plain gorgeous. she’s hilarious and though we never really talked she seems like an amazing person.

i genuinely do not know what to write here. as long as i can remember, Iva’s has been one of my favorites for ages, blog as well as person. i totally adore her edits - especially the niam ones - and well just everything she does basically. i feel like a stalker sometimes omfg you don’t want to know really and i’m so embarrassed to write this all but oh well. do not miss out on this perfect blog because she’s basically my tumblr/1d-queen.

no, i am not crazy for picking jess’ blog over manca's, because i really believe jess' blog is perfect. everything she posts is perfect, she's an awfully kind person aswell and her photoshop skills are unimaginable. so basically her blog is flawless in any way.

i remember adding you on bbm because you wanted amber to add you and oh well i was an idiot back then. anyway, basically abbey’s blog is perfectttt. her posts are perfect, her replies to asks / text posts are hilarious and well she ships lilo and lilo is amazing so yeah. constant fave.

describing her blog in just one word: victoria is flaw-less. everything about her blog is just dlsafjla breathtaking, her edits, her posts, her personality.. that’s basically all there is to say.

first of all, your long url fucked up my graphic so thanks :( secondly, that’s okay because i love your blog. looking past the huge lot of text posts there’s a blog -yes there is- which is just amazing. her editing skills are perfect aswell so basically her blog’s just PERFECT ok.

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